Lewis Capaldi Stunned As Talented Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Him

A makeup artist gave Lewis Capaldi a shock after utilising her skills to transform herself into an alarmingly believable doppelganger. Watch below:

Alana Pignatiello, a makeup artistry lecturer at Ayrshire College – in Capaldi’s home country of Scotland – shared a video on Twitter in which she strokes a brush across the camera, revealing the uncanny resemblance to the singer she has administered to her own mush.

She then proceeds to lip sync to Capaldi’s hit ‘Before You Go’ in the clip, which subsequently went viral, having been viewed more than 650,000 times since it was shared yesterday (Monday 20 April).

At least one of those views came from the 23-year-old singer himself, who retweeted the video with the fairly understandable caption: “WHAT THE F**K.”

Lewis Capaldi Stunned As Talented Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Him
Impressive or disturbing? It's definitely both, isn't it? Credit: Twitter/Alana Pignatiello

Yeah, I reckon that is a pretty standard response to a woman you’ve never met using some kind of makeup wizardry to decorate her face with your face. Indeed, a lot of the singer’s fans’ responded similarly.

One person said: “The real question is how did she do this without hysterically laughing?! If I didn’t already pee I would have p****d myself from laughing so hard.”

Another said: “I laughed so hard I farted.”

A third added: “i don’t know what i was expecting, but it wasn’t this… i’m scared.”

But creating such scary/impressive results takes time – three hours, in fact, as Alana told 7b09. Fortunately, time is something we have unprecedented amounts of at the moment.

Capaldi shouldn’t be too concerned though that Alana has spent three hours making herself look like him – after all, this is what she does. In fact, she recently embarked on an arguably even more impressive project: converting her face into that of Captain Tom Moore, both past and present.

Mad skills.

Here’s Boris Johnson too:

And the Queen:

Here’s hoping Alana’s students listen in her lectures, ’cause she sure knows what she’s talking about.