Dad Pranks Kids Telling Them They Have To Go To School Seven Days A Week After Lockdown

A dad managed to pull off the perfect prank on his two kids after convincing them they would need to go back to school seven days a week once lockdown was over. You can see the kids’ panic when they fall for the prank and their shock when their dad revealed it was all a joke below:

Liam Schewitz, from Cardiff, found himself slap bang in the middle of a prank war with his daughters Millie, 11, and eight-year-old Frankie, but came out of it victorious after showing the kids an ‘official letter signed by Boris Johnson’ that said they would have to forego their weekends to make up for the time they missed during the school closures.

Speaking to 7b09, Liam said: “My youngest daughter Frankie had warned me that it was ‘Prank Week’ and told me that I was in big trouble because she had some things planned.

“And then I thought this one up – she was having none of it at first, but then I sent both my daughters a screen grab of the letter, which I had found online, to a group chat we’re in. That was when all hell broke lose.

“I could hear the eldest one in her bedroom saying, ‘it’s mandatory, it’s mandatory’ and she was telling her friends on the phone.” Fantastic effort, mate.

The pair even began doing a bit of online research to check if their dad was telling the truth, to which Liam convinced them ‘the government was drip feeding the letters out so there’s no loss of morale with kids‘.

Dad Pranks Kids Telling Them They Have To Go To School Seven Days A Week After Lockdown
Liam's daughters shared the bad news with their pals. Credit: Liam Schewitz

The letter, which Liam found online, looked pretty official and was presented on government headed paper.

An excerpt from the mocked-up letter reads: “When school’s reopen, we will quickly make up for lost time by not only teaching your children Monday to Friday, but also making it compulsory for your child to attend school on Saturdays and Sundays for the first six months.” Chilling stuff for kids.

Keeping the prank up, Liam took his two daughters out to the park, but said their minds were still preoccupied with the letter.

Liam said: “They were asking, ‘What about the water parks? Who will go to the water parks if the kids are all at school?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry about that – I’ll go the water parks with my friends, while you’re in school.'”

Liam kept the prank up for a whole day, which is dedication to the cause.

Dad Pranks Kids Telling Them They Have To Go To School Seven Days A Week After Lockdown
Liam with Millie and Frankie, who have since recovered for the prank. Credit: Liam Schewitz

He joked: “You’ve got to be committed to these things.”

Fortunately for Liam, when he revealed the prank the kids took it very well – they’re probably just delighted they don’t have to go to school seven days a week in the future.

And it’s not just Liam and the kids who got a kick out of it, a Twitter post in which he shared the prank has racked up over 80,000 likes and more than 9,000 retweets.

Liam said: “The response has been great. I’ve had people messaging me to say that they’ve needed cheering up and this has made their day.”

Keep up the good work, mate.