​Former Millionaire Living Alone On Island Shares Survival Tips

David Glasheen, a former businessman who now lives his life as a castaway on a small island, has explained how he gets by each day living such an isolated life – something that’s becoming increasingly relatable as people across the world continue to live in lockdown.

Glasheen, 76, has been living on Restoration Island – which he calls ‘Resto’ – off the coast of north Australia since 1997, having lost his multi-million pound fortune in the stock exchange crash of 1987.

The former businessman and property magnate was worth an estimated $28.4million at his richest point, before the crash, but now lives a much simpler live on the tiny island.

Glasheen told the Daily Mail how he moved to the secluded spot with a suitcase containing ‘three shirts, two pairs of shorts and swimmers, a decent torch, a couple of books, a jar of chilli powder, some toothpaste and my toothbrush’.

However, over the years, he’s turned island life into a fine art, explaining to the news outlet how he has an essential list of items that help him enjoy such an isolated way of life, including solar-powered internet connection, lots of good books… and two mannequins called Miranda and Phyllis.

​Former Millionaire Living Alone On Island Shares Survival Tips
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Along with the water that comes from a catchment in the hilly areas of Restoration Island, Glasheen also collects rainwater to drink.

Food proves to be less of an issue, with the eccentric castaway claiming the ocean contains ‘all the protein’ he needs, as long as he has fishing tackle, a casting net for catching bait, a flintstone for lighting a fire and a bush knife.

Referring to his hunter-gatherer lifestyle, he said: “It’s like living in Jurassic Park.

While Glasheen’s life has been stripped back to the basics, he does allow himself a few luxuries to get by, including alcohol.

Having built a bar on the island for when guests stop by, he likes to keep it well stocked with spirits and wine, and also has a home brewing kit.

For entertainment, he has board games and likes to read – advising that it’s ‘always important to have a spare pair of reading glasses’.

​Former Millionaire Living Alone On Island Shares Survival Tips
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Writing in his book, , which was released last July, Glasheen said his time on the island has merely bolstered his appreciation for the alternative lifestyle.

He wrote: “Resto had affirmed my commitment to find a different way of life: one beyond the vicious cycle of pressure to earn enough money for a lifestyle by which other people measure your value and success.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of this place being a rich man’s playground. This short time on the island had convinced me that Resto was somewhere I could live in utter contentment. Spending the day fishing and the night yarning was my idea of bliss.”