Man's Attempt To Explode A Watermelon Using Rubber Bands Ends Spectacularly

Wanna beat coronavirus boredom? Look no further, folks. Get yourself a few watermelons and many, many more rubber bands and you’ve got yourself a new hobby. First of all, have a look at this hilarious show-how:

That funny fella is Jeremiah Warlick – otherwise known as the ‘rubberband man’. Nope, no idea why.

He’s been sharing videos of watermelon explosions and this one, posted to Twitter by World-Star Hip Hop, is up there with the best.

Jeremiah, from Jackson, Tennessee, put over 900 bands around the piece of fruit as he stood behind covered in what looks like talcum powder and sporting a pair of bizarre pink goggles.

As he got to elastic band 943, after a pause the melon suddenly burst in half, hilariously knocking him off his chair onto the floor.

Man's Attempt To Explode A Watermelon Using Rubber Bands Ends Spectacularly
Jeremiah getting back to his feet. Credit: World Star/@dakidd_hilarious

The video, which he posted on to his Instagram page, has since racked up 368,000 views with one person asking him: “How much time do you spend cleaning your room everyday?”

Another wrote: “I could watch these all day,” while a third added: “I cannot get enough of these”.

As well as using watermelons, Jeremiah has done the same challenges with water balloons, bell peppers and a carton of milk.

Jeremiah posts his videos on to his TikTok channel where he has over 815,000 followers and 9.4 million likes. Commenting on his work, one person complimented: “You [are] the artist of our generation, and you don’t even need a paint brush. Just rubber bands and watermelons. Amazing.”

In one of his more recent videos, the content creator covered himself up in bubblewrap to protect himself from all the watermelon flying at him.

In response to this, another of his fans said: “Just when you think he can’t be any more innovative, he hits you with bubble wrap and a fresh set of goggles.”

If he carries on shielding himself, hopefully he won’t end up with any injuries like Sapphire Charlesworth did when she attempted to do the ‘Oh Na Na Na’ challenge and broke both of her ankles in the process.