This LAD Is Clapping For 24 Hours To Raise Money For The NHS

Over the past few weeks, every Thursday evening at 8pm, millions of us have stepped outside our front door to clap for our carers. Well, one LAD has taken this idea and really run with it.

Jack Peagam, from London, will tonight set off on a 24-hour clapping challenge to raise £5,000 for the NHS.

Speaking to 7b09, the 25-year-old says doctors and nurses of the NHS saved his life and he wants to do his bit in their hour of need.

He says: “I think like many, I started out thinking that this would pass and that it would not really affect us – I stopped going to the gym and increased washing of my hands but I had no idea of what was about to happen to us as a country or indeed the rest of the world.

“I have always been reminded by my mum that without the NHS I would not be here, having been born at 32 weeks as a twin with various premature complications. The Neo natal Unit at St George’s saved my life.

This LAD Is Clapping For 24 Hours To Raise Money For The NHS
Jack says the NHS saved his life so he wants to do his bit for them. Credit: Supplied

“Therefore, to do my bit to pay back seemed suddenly very important to me.”

He adds: “If the NHS is working 24 hours to save us then clapping to raise money seemed a small price for what it does and sees within the 24 hours of a NHS worker.”

The whole gruelling task will be live-streamed from 8pm tonight until the same time tomorrow evening, so you can join Jack on his journey and offer your support.

And he knows better than anyone that it’s not going to be an easy on, so he’ll need as much support as he can get.

The filmmaker says: “I am, of course, slightly worried about the challenge, it is going to hurt and I am sure I will have my moments where it gets tough during the 24 hours. But as the old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going – just like our NHS has done for us.”

Jack tells us that he plans on starting the challenge outside his house before moving back inside for the overnight leg, during which he’ll be watching the bonkers Netflix series to help get him through.

This LAD Is Clapping For 24 Hours To Raise Money For The NHS
Over the past few weeks, millions have come out to show their appreciation to the selfless work of NHS staff. Credit: PA

But if you’re wondering how he’s going to handle his bodily functions, he thinks he’s got that covered. Just.

Jack says: “You may also be thinking how am I going to go to the toilet? Well, for a number one I can treat myself to a sit down and shake, and as for a number two, I’ve been laying off the fibre, so i’m hoping I won’t need to go… “

So, as well as your money, it sounds like Jack will also need your prayers.

And if he’s successful, Jack may well be in for a new world record. As this has never been done before he could see his name in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you can spare some money for what we all know is an incredible cause, please do.

You can donate on his GoFundMe page.