River In China Left Covered In Foam After Detergent Spill

A river in China was left resembling a foam party after several tonnes of laundry detergent were accidentally spilt into the water.

Video footage shows a thick layer of bubbles on top of the river in Mei County, which is in Baoji City.

In other clips and photos, adults and children were seen playing about in the bubbles on the river banks.

County environmental officials said around four tonnes of industrial-use linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid had accidentally got into the water, but the spillage would not affect the local water supply and that it was ‘not harmful’ adding that it would ‘easily dissolve’.

However, according to local media, the officials did not address footage showing people playing around in the foam, which can cause skin and eye irritations and even burns.

In a statement, authorities said they had traced the spill back to a delivery lorry that had crashed on a road upstream while carrying 145 drums – more than 28 tonnes – of the detergent.

Around two dozen of those barrels broke and leaked into the river, before floating downstream and creating a blanket of thick white foam as they did.

Officials said they were continuing to test the water to confirm it was safe to use. They did not comment on the impact it could have on local wildlife.

Last month, a tractor-trailer in the US overturned dumping 40,000lbs of macaroni and cheese on the road.

Photographs and footage showed the huge vehicle lying on its side – the roof of the trailer was split open and a pile of dried pasta was on the road in Nashville, Tennessee.

As you can imagine, social media users were pretty quick to take the p*** out of the situation, with one person saying: “In Cincinnati we periodically spill a tanker of lard, and have to get P&G to come clean it up with Dawn.

“Occasionally we live up to our sobriquet and pigs get loose on the highway. But never have we ever ruined 40,000lbs of mac and cheese. Oh Nashville.”

A second wrote: “A semi spilled 40,000lbs of Mac & Cheese in Nashville… who wants to go on a road trip? Bring your own fork.”

While a third said he was trying to ‘process this loss’.

Thankfully, the driver was uninjured in the incident, but he’ll probably never live it down.