Brazilian TV Host's Wife Walks Naked Across Camera During Political Interview

A TV host trying to film from home provided viewers with a little bit more than they’d bargained for when his naked wife wandered across the screen, attempting to stay out of the shot.


Working from home has presented some new challenges to those used to the working strictures of the office.

One such problem has been that we’re often working in a shared environment with children and pets. Or – as on this occasion – a naked woman.

That’s especially true if you’re working in the television industry.

Thirty-seven-year-old Fabio Porchat, who was hosting an Instagram chat with former Brazilian presidential candidate Guilherme Boulos, knows the pitfalls all too well by this point.


His incident, which was filmed on 3 July, has since gone viral and shows his wife trying desperately to stay out of the camera shot while crossing behind her husband at work.

It’s fair to say that she failed.

To be fair, you couldn’t see that much, but still, it’s not a great look when you’re trying to conduct a serious interview.

The whole video was supposed to be part of a series that Porchat is running called ‘Politics Live’, but it became a different type of show altogether when Nataly Mega wandered across wearing only a towel on her head.

Thirty-eight-year-old politician Boulos managed to laugh it off, telling his host: “Somebody’s walking past naked.”

Porchat, who is a comedian as well as a presenter, then turned to his wife and said: “Everybody saw you.”

His presumably mortified wife responded: “Could you see?”

Yes, everyone could see.

Porchat told her: “Obviously they can see, totally, even Boulos saw.”

Oh dear. You’d be embarrassed, wouldn’t you? It was supposed to be a simple video about politics, but then this.

As for Boulos, he saw the funny side afterwards. The left-wing former Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) candidate tweeted: “They speak about me, but it was Nataly who invaded the livestream.”

At least, that’s probably funny if you know anything about Brazilian politics, anyway.

Mega has been married to Porchat since 2017, and she works as a producer for the Porta dos Fundos YouTube channel that her husband founded all the way back in 2012.

You’d think she might know a bit better if she works in the business, wouldn’t you?

As for Porchat himself, he’s become a well known figure in Brazilian show business, and has voiced characters in the Brazilian versions of popular films like Frozen and The Angry Birds Movie.