Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists Refuses To Answer Police Questions At Checkpoint

An Australian woman has laughed after getting through a Melbourne police barricade without giving her details.


Eve Black uploaded a video to her Facebook showing her drive up to an unknown checkpoint and refuse to answer any of the officer’s questions.

As she approached the checkpoint, she said to the camera: “Let’s take them down.”

When asked where she’s been and where she is going, she replied with: “Have I disturbed the peace today?” Which she repeats.

The officer responded with: “No. I just asked what your reason for leaving today is.”


She then explained to the officer that she isn’t required to tell him where she is going because she doesn’t know who he is. When she’s quizzed further she asked: “Have I committed a crime?” Which she repeats several times.

Eventually, the police officer waves her through and allows her to proceed without any information.

According to the Herald Sun, the video was posted onto Facebook with the caption: “It’s a SCAMdemic. You’re being taken advantage of by a system designed to fail you. And they’ve done such a good job, that you don’t even see it.”

It’s baffling why the cop would allow someone to get through a checkpoint without giving any details about their travel, but it’s just as equally as baffling as to why someone would challenge a checkpoint crossing.

It’s no secret that Victoria is currently in the midst of a second wave of coronavirus infections, with thousands of people being infected over the past few weeks. There were a little more than 400 cases recorded yesterday, followed by a record 484 infections on Wednesday.

There have been nine vehicle checkpoints set up by Victoria Police across some of the major roads in the locked parts of Melbourne.

They’re designed to quiz people where they’re going in a bid to make sure everyone is sticking to the lockdown rules. People are only allowed to leave their homes to do work or education, exercise, essential services, and care or compassionate reasons.

A police spokesperson has told News Corp: “We will be issuing fines for deliberate, obvious and blatant breaches of the chief health officer directions.”

The fine is a hefty $1,652. Again, why anyone would brag about getting through a checkpoint is baffling.

Since July 8, at least 262 of the 1214 fines handed out have been issued at vehicle checkpoints.